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Windows 7 Ultimate 32/64-bit RemoveWAT Included!
Applications > Windows
3.48 GiB (3741730322 Bytes)
Windows Windows 7 Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit 64 bit Windows OS Windows Ultimate Windows 32 bit Windows 64 bit
2012-02-22 12:55:16 GMT

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This is the original Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit/64-bit disk, with the RemoveWAT 2.2.6 added onto the disk for easy activation of the operating system.

Installation Instructions:

01. Burn .ISO image to a disk.

02. Put disk in tray, and restart computer.

03. Either make sure your BIOS are set to boot from the disk, or press the Boot Menu key and select to Boot from Disk.

04. You will be asked to "Press any key to boot from disk...", press a key, and the Microsoft Windows Setup will begin.

05. Choose your install language configuration, etc. and click "Next".

06. Click "Install Now".

07. Next, choose whether you want to install the x86 (32-bit) or the x64 (64-bit) version of Windows 7 Ultimate, and click "Next".

08. Check the "I accept the license terms", and click "Next".

09. Choose whether you want to "Upgrade" or "Custom" install.

10. Allow time for the install to complete. Your computer will reboot once to finish the installation, and then you will be required to setup a user.

11. Once you have setup a user, copy the "REMOVEWAT/REMOVEWAT.EXE" file from the disk to your C:\Windows\ folder, and run it.

12. Select "Remove WAT", and your computer will restart, and once it does, the activation is taken care of.

13. Enjoy your new Windows 7 Ultimate install.  Don't forget to seed!

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is it possible to repair this windows using this iso?

Works great for my intended use, excellent share!

Thanks uploader!
Stop spreading retard lies Nomind
Works. Wont connect to network keeps saying wrong pass even tho it isnt but i suspect its just my ISPs shit router modem
Getting an error trying to reformat my dads laptop that the disc isnt compatible. The problem is his laptop was preloaded with an official W7 and it wont even start to install. Anyone know how to get around this? My only idea is to completely format the hdd but scared to do so as Ive never done it and not sure what could happen.
Worked it out, the prob was that I was trying to install a 64bit windows on a 32bit laptop, d'oh!
Do not download this version of Win7, I don't know if anyone else is having the same problems as I do, thing is it doesn't work well with Hard Drives, I strongly reccomend another Win7 upload.
Is it possible to install this using a USB flash drive?
TolaSkamp247 Yes it can be done,BUT!

My PC is not working well with this Win7,it slows down the machine,games wount work well and sometimes I'm getting blue screen.
great torrent thanks very much
Can this be copied to another hard drive and boot from that ?

thanks in advance
Great Torrent. Works great. How can I update this to the latest version?
I downloaded this without checking properly because it has the most seeders, but it doesn't have SP1 and it won't update for me. If I use RemoveWAT, nothing happens when I click the update button, and if I uninstall RemoveWAT I get a message saying the update service isn't running (but it is.) Seems to be activation-related either way. I've messed around trying to resolve this for long enough so now I'm downloading another copy with SP1.
Update to above comment:
I downloaded Windows 7 SP1 x64 instead and it worked and let me update immediately.
Update to above comment:
I downloaded Windows 7 SP1 x64 instead and it worked and let me update immediately.
Cant make a bootable USB.. Comes up with an error... Solution?