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AVG Internet Security 2014 Build 4070 BETA 2 (32bit-64bit)
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2013-07-22 22:11:19 GMT


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Product: AVG Internet Security
Version: 2014 (build 4070) beta 2  

* AVG Data Safe - 	Data Safe allows you to create a password-protected encrypted data storage on your computer for all your important files. 
			Data Safe is available in the Computer component of the main AVG user interface, so go and check it out! 
			Created Safes will be automatically mapped as disks on your computer, so you can work with them conveniently. 
			Selected the size too small? Nevermind, just increase the size on every already created Safe to make everything you desire fit inside. 

*AVG File Shredder - 	remove files or folders permanently and securely from your harddrive. 
			Simply click the corresponding option in the context menu of the selected file or folder and follow the indicated steps.
			Once shredded, the files will be permanently removed from your harddrive without the option of restoring or retrieval.

* File Shredder: When installing AVG 2014 BETA 2 over AVG 2012, make sure to restart the machine before using File Shredder for the first time. 
* File Shredder: Wrong error message wording during folder shredding if a file within the folder is open. 
* File Shredder: Refreshing the Recycle bin icon to empty state suffers with high latency after shredding is done.
*	Re-installation over 2013 versions on Windows 8 might cause problems. It is recommended to uninstall any 2013 versions, and install 2014 beta 1 on a clean machine.

* Anti-Virus: Redesign and streamlining of malware removal engine
* Firewall: Fixed possible BSOD caused by avgtdi driver.
* Firewall: AVG product without Firewall installed might allow local file sharing.
* Firewall: Fixed compatibility issue with digirlpt.sys driver.
* Kernel: Optimizing size of detection database file. Updating database from 2013 to 2014.
* Setup: Fixed Kaseya product detection in "Repair and Uninstall Options" dialog.

* (shall occur very rarely) if you previously activated AVG 2014 BETA 1 with a valid Business Edition license number, this number will be refused byt BETA 2. Please re-activate BETA 2 with the 
correct license number for BETA (the safest way is do a complete uninstall of all previous AVG software in this case and clean installation of AVG 2014 BETA 2)


Can you get the business edition 2014 beta2?
None of the serials work any more
Serials do not work!
the best security thank you goran137
After instalation my computer is not fully protected, why??
Problem solved, the application is running perfectly, thanks goran137!!
How did you activate it luna2407?
The problem is not solved :-(
PattyrRob: I ran the application (64 bit) and activated with the given serial number. AVG tells me that I am not fully protected.

You're not fully protected cause after you intall and activate, you have to reboot your computer in order for it to be fully protected. Idiot!
It may be because you have to update it, I am just wondering too, cause i dont want to get tht "AVG illegal" pop up, so, Can i update and some how not have that happen?
AVG has cancelled all the serials for this download. Therefore this download is useless until such time a new working serial is made available.
As for eb121209 you are the IDIOT as rebooting will make no difference when the serial is no longer viable you IDIOT.
The AVG serials that are floating around in this download and other downloads DO NOT WORK ANYMORE!!!

AVG has blacklisted all of them. They have been really cracking down on all the pirating.

AVAST keys are also all blacklisted. None of them are working either.

We just have to wait for some more keys to come out in the coming months.
just download the free version damn it loool